Saturday, October 8, 2011


Someone responded to our post that they had found it and put it back. It was missing some parts and a bit broken but it can be easily fixed and replaced. So thanks for everyone's good thoughts.---J

Monday, October 3, 2011

stolen Geocache

Yesterday we had our only hide stolen. We knew that it would happen eventually but it still was sad. We even went out to the area today and hiked around for 2 hours to see if maybe someone had discarded it further up the trail. I think we as catchers need to become aware of how the cache looks when hidden. When we first hid it we made it look random but every time i went to check on it for maintenance their were bricks stacked up neatly and it looked more obvious. Me and my father r-of-clan-gunn spent 3 months creating the cache and a good chunk of change on the materials as it was voice activated and required the completion of a kit, and the development of our own bead board circuit. The very first thing my dad told me was that i wasn't allowed to be upset or cry when it got stolen because it probably would happen ( he predicted in the first month but it has lasted nine) So i haven't cried but it makes me mad its kind of rotten to take it, lots of people have gotten to enjoy it and if you thought it was neat why wouldn't you want someone else to enjoy it as well. It was probably one of the ENTITLED who drive around to fast, cut lines, or do all of the other rude things that a little common sense would tell you wasn't right. As for being someone who isnt into hiding film canisters but who put a great deal of effort into my caches it makes me want to stop contributing, if its just a little Tupperware box who cares. I am defiantly considering stopping work on the cache im building now and just stick to finding them. As you an tell i haven't found a lot i really just liked the idea of building some that were cool but whats the point if someone decides the deserve it and just takes it. So to quit or not that's the Question.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A doll house to go.

This is a little doll house that is about 12 inches at its widest and 15 inches at its tallest. It has two floors and a back yard with blue swimming pool area that folds up to be the back of the house when not it play. It took about a month to make but that wasn't constant knitting I worked a few project in that time too. I made it for my hope chest as I hope to one day have little girls who will enjoy it. Some friends with kids said it was a ridiculous notion but I think this is one of those things you only make once so I want it for my kids. Later I will make furniture and knit accessories so if you have any great suggestions just comment below.

Dollhouse to Go

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Voice Activated Geo Cache

This is the Instructions to a voice activated Geo cache I made At the begging of the year. It started out about day dreaming about winning a contest for the coolest project. Not long after on a pleasant Sunday we were out with our new GPS and we were going on our first Geo Cache hunt ( which Luke Bender a friend of my Dads had told him was lots of fun.) We started talking about androids then star trek. If you have ever met or do meet my father you will realize that this seems quite normal as he is very Android like himself. He has always been a star trek fan and brought me up watching re-runs. This is the man who managed to convince his three year old daughter that she was an android up until I entered Kindergarten and the teacher told me I was a little girl and had to behave like one. Knowing this I am sure that it comes to no surprise that all of a sudden we had an idea to make a box that opened at voice command like the one in the Paradise Lost Episode of the original Star Trek the one where Captain Kirk accidentally opened, fell down, and lost his memory in a obsolesce shrine. Well this little ditty is what we came up with, it took about 2 months to make, a bit of money, lots of hard work, a burnt finger and a few tears. Then we went and hid it out in the world. GO FIGURE. All in all it was a great project and if you enjoy the outdoors, electronics or anything in between I'm sure you will like this project.

You can find the cache at under Paradise Lost

Here is a video of the box working

Zosimos made this great video log of his experience finding the cache just be warned it is defiantly considered a spoiler. But fun to watch if you've been to the cache or you wont ever go.

Voice Geo Cache

To help clarify here is a video of the bending of the bracket (sorry i dont know how to embed them in PDFS (YET)

And a Video of a cut away of the latching Mechanism so you can see how it works

Monday, March 21, 2011

Let me introduce myself

Hi my name is Jorge Gunn and I love to create anything. If you can make it with two hands and a bit of brain power I'm in. Currently I am trying as hard as possible to stretching my brain power by creating at least one new idea everyday and making one come to life at least every month. I was posting these on instructables but i decided to just make a blog so that i could not only share my projects but also my ideas so maybe the viewing public can help with the process. I have lots of interests ranging from knitting to engineering so the projects might vary drastically. Have an Idea you think i should try i would love to see that too. So here we go.